hiking with dog

5 Pet Friendly Things to Do in Gatlinburg

December 14, 2017

No one likes to leaves man’s best friend behind, and you don’t have to when you stay at Hemlock Hills! You also won’t have to leave them in the cabin with this list of pet friendly things to do in Gatlinburg that you can share with your furry best friend.

1. Hike in the National Park

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park has over a hundred trails to explore, unfortunately many of these trails do not allow pets. However, there are some places in the park that you can bring your four-legged best friend. Please bear in mind, these places are fine to bring your dog as long as they remain on leashes and under your supervision. Pets are allowed in parking areas and picnic areas in the park. Some of these places include:Patriot Park sign

  • Cades Cove picnic area
  • Gatlinburg Trail
  • Metcalf Bottoms Picnic area

2. Find a Park

Give your dog plenty of room to roll around and roam for a little bit at a city park. Patriot Park in Pigeon Forge has a 1/2 mile paved loop to walk around, so you and your dog can get in a little exercise and bonding time. A second park to visit would be Mills Park in Gatlinburg. This park offers more hills, a playground, and a pavilion. So not only can you let your dog get some exercise, if you have your kids you can let them get worn out while climbing around and running after the family pet.

3. Have a Scoop of Ice Cream at Mad Dog’s Creamery

Treat yourself and your furry best friend to some ice cream and donuts! Mad Dog’s Creamery offers 24 fun and delicious ice cream flavors, and changing menus of sweets like donuts. Most importantly they have dog-friendly treats to give your pet that won’t be harmful! They also offer inside and outside seating and water bowls so your dog doesn’t go thirsty after his treat.

puppies sharing an ice cream4. Ride the Gatlinburg Sky Lift

The Gatlinburg Sky Lift is in the middle of Gatlinburg, and offers pretty views of the Smoky Mountains and the little town. Little known to many people is that you can actually bring your dog along for a lift! A lap bar is present for the entire ride to make all riders feels safe.

5. Share a Slice of Pizza

So you don’t have to actually share your pizza with your dog, but the Best Italian Restaurant in Gatlinburg does allow your furry friend to come along. Every once and awhile the chef or waiter may have a special treat to share with your dog though.

Hemlock Hills offers room for everyone in the family with their pet friendly cabin rentals! With this list of pet friendly things to do in Gatlinburg you and your best friend are sure to have lots of fun!