Old Mill-Fall Colors

7 Totally Free Things to Do in Pigeon Forge

March 14, 2018

If you’re trying to find enough to keep you busy on vacation but not break the bank, then you need to know about what there is to do that’s free in the Smokies! We know some of the best free things to do in Pigeon Forge, keep reading to learn about some of our favorites:

1. Old Mill

Take a visit to the Old Mill in Pigeon Forge. The Old Mill is on the National Register of Historic Places, and is incredibly picture perfect! Running beside the Old Mill is a smooth one level waterfall that’s great to take pictures in front of. Surrounding the Old Mill are small and unique shops that are great to explore.

2. Hikinghike in the smoky mountains

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is free for everyone to enter! The park has over 800 miles worth of hiking trails to explore. When you explore the park, you can find breathtaking views of the mountains, local wildlife and beautiful woodlands. Please note that while hiking is completely free, parking tags are required. Daily parking tags are available for only $5.


3. Patriot Park

Patriot Park sits behind the Old Mill. The park and the parking lot for it are both free to enter. The large park is used for many events in Pigeon Forge throughout the year. However, on normal days it’s a great place to walk, toss a ball or bring a pet to. You can feed ducks by the river, and walk around the track to see different memorials to veterans and see all 50 states’ flags.

4. Scenic Drives

Not a big hiking fan? That’s okay, you can still explore our beautiful national park from your car. Cades Cove is an 11-mile motor nature trail that is great for seeing mountain views, wildlife and historic churches. The second scenic drive to try is the Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail. It is 5.5 miles long and follows one of the loudest and fastest flowing rivers in the park. You’ll also see older parts of the forest and well-preserved log cabins, grist mills and other historic buildings.

5. Festivals and Events

Many festivals and events happen throughout the year, and these events can be some of the best free things to do in Pigeon Forge! Music events at places like the Hard Rock Cafe are a popular idea. You can learn more about the events that happen in our local area here!

the island in pigeon forge with the fountains and the wheel6. The Island in Pigeon Forge

The Island in Pigeon Forge is a very popular destination that’s full of shopping, dining and other unique attractions. However, you don’t have to pay to visit The Island. Parking and walking onto The Island won’t cost you dime! Once you’re there you can wander through the stores window shopping or spend some time people watching. One of the best free things to do in Pigeon Forge though, is sitting in a rocking chair at The Island to watch the fountains light up and change colors and rhythm with music.  

7. Visit the Horses at Dolly Parton’s Stampede

Lastly, another free activity in Pigeon Forge is visiting the horses at Dolly Parton’s Stampede.  These beautiful show horses love attention! They are the true stars of the show, and every day in front of the theater you can go say hello to them free of charge!

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